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Community Home Solutions is committed to facilitating the building of safe and thriving neighborhoods where people want to live, work and play; and to broadening partnerships resulting in increased economic & community development opportunities.

Community Home Solutions in a 501(c)3 non profit agency that was established in 1993 to provide affordable housing for persons of low and moderate income and to combat community blight and deterioration by undertaking and assisting community revitalization efforts in Bay County.

Community Home Solutions has the Acquisition Development/Resale program and the Neighborhood Preservation Project to assist with this goal.  

In addition, Homebuyer Counseling is available to homeowners and homebuyers.  Pre-purchase Education and budget counseling is given to potential homebuyers in the community who participate in Community Home Solutions' and other agency down payment assistance programs.  Foreclosure Prevention counseling is available to homeowners in the area who are facing financial difficulties.

Community Home Solutions is also the Third Party Administrator to the City of Bay City Housing Rehabilitation Program.

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Doug Rise                                                                    Nancy Glaza                 
Chairman                                                                     Vice Chair                       

Kathy Divine                                                               Sharon Brown
Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

John Johnson                                                            Chris Girard     
Board Member                                                          Board Member

Carly Furtaw                                                              Debbie Kiesel
Board Member                                                          City of Bay City Liason 


HOUSING DIVISION                                    EDUCATION DIVISION
(989) 893-9292                                            (989) 686-6800

 Jeannie Failing                                             Jessica Rivard  x 207

Office Manager                                             Program Manager    

Lonnie Dowd                                                Diane Ackley  x 209  
Project Project Manager                           Educator